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Asking Over 100 NBA Players Who The REAL GOAT Is

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  • Opublikowany 26 sie 2022
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  • Snowzz Gaming
    Snowzz Gaming 5 miesięcy temu +12078

    “untouchable, unattainable, immortal status. the man retired from the NBA decades ago yet it still remains, Michel Jordan. and THEN everyone else” jimmy never disappoints with the closers

    • Gonzie Loves Spanish
      Gonzie Loves Spanish Dzień temu

      @Lucas Battles Larry Bird called MJ black Jesus, but Bird swept black Jesus. Reggie Miller said MJ scared everyone, but Miller was 6'7" 175 lbs. Some say if MJ hadn't left to play baseball, he would've won 8 to 10 straight titles, but for some reason his Wizards were bottom feeders.

    • Gonzie Loves Spanish
      Gonzie Loves Spanish Dzień temu

      12K Likes. I give you big props!

    • Paul Anthony
      Paul Anthony 3 dni temu

      How do we defined the Greatest Of All Time ? What are the criteria? Bearing in mind that most of the so called G.O.A.T.s didn't play in the same Era, under the same rule etc.
      The answers are mostly subjective rather than objective....it's extremely difficult to define who is the G.O.A.T

    • Iambriangregory
      Iambriangregory 3 dni temu

      @Alexander Rojas so wrong ,drama does not make a great player ,if a horse wins in an exciting race by a nose ,people stand up and applaud if another horse is better and wins by ten lengths he says he didn't have competition, Jordan not the greatest couldn't beat Bird magic or Isaiah in their prime case closed next!

    • Afam Basil
      Afam Basil 5 dni temu

      @Loki Run and dunk wouldn't even survive 80's 90's big men with waiting for him at rim. With harsh rules he'll quit the league as he always does 😂😂

  • Hussey
    Hussey 2 miesięcy temu +79

    Rewatching this again you could also say that since young players would often hear from their fathers and other older people how great MIchael was it would leave an imprint that no matter how good lebron or how long he will still play Michael is a Mythical being.

    • Kelvin Jettsr
      Kelvin Jettsr 4 godzin temu

      That’s cause MJ was better

    • boy Afrika
      boy Afrika Dzień temu +1

      how many you think even have fathers? I've always noted that it was the difference between Kobe, MJ, Curry.. they had this confidence that comes from a father figure, you could tell they had less traumatic experiences in their lives which made their personality, confidence, decision and accountability very well balanced. When it comes to KD or Lebron. They seem to have a sort of fear that can't go away, a fear to disappoint, to make a mistake, an uncertainty that can't go away. KD risking his whole reputation in fact ruining his accomplishments to win championships that only messed up his reputation, Lebron calling himself a goat, switching teams, trading teammates, also the fact that he wants all the positions is questionable. I think in a team game everyone should stick to their roles, unless you have a certain anxiety that doesn't allow you to not play without the ball in your hands. It's important to have a father figure and Lebron seems to be great parent.

    • João Vasco
      João Vasco 2 dni temu

      Dude I accept LeBron greatness, as I accept Karem or others greatness. I just dont agree that LeBron will ever surpass...maybe someday comes a guy that surpass MJ, not in the ícon thing, thats is almost impossible, but a better player, who people can say is the goat. But that guy is not LeBron, cause for me LeBron will never be better than he once was, everything he does adds, but only for his longevity, which is amazing and unique.

    • Critique Everything
      Critique Everything 2 dni temu

      @João Vasco I don’t think OP was saying that MJ’s legacy is at the level of like a wilt in a mythological sense, but MJ being as immortalized as he is, of course deservedly being as great as he was, has kinda made it an impossibility for there to be a player as good as him, if not better, and I think lebron for the most part has proven that that still is a possibility. Sure MJ was a freak of nature, he’s still the goat, but who knows, maybe in these last few years, Lebron can prove himself to have caught up, or perhaps even surpassed MJ’s greatness. And Lebron has also been a freak of nature, and created one of the greatest and most inspirational sports journeys from any athlete, along with some of the most memorable championship wins of all time (2013 and 2016), along with beating seemingly insurmountable records and putting crazy stats. He’s literally the only player apart of the 38k-10k-10k club, for Christ’s sake dude. MJ is no doubt the goat, but try not to let your biases blind you from accepting Lebron’s greatness also, and not only greatness, but his willingness to take the throne MJ is holding.

    • João Vasco
      João Vasco 5 dni temu

      Any young dude can see MJ stats, and, more important how he played. MJ is from 80s and 90s, not from black and white TV, you can see very well how was his playing, and yeah...is mythical...but not as an unicorn...also, guys like me, who saw MJ back in the days, still watch today. Also, guys older than me, who watched on direct Kareem, than MJ, than Kobe, than LeBron...still watch today...we are not all crazy. The majority, in any age, choose MJ as the goat. which is very normal. You also have to take attention to the vid, where Jimmy states that the age where LeBron got more notes is the players who play with him on this era...still, doesnt make it for him to win. Which is normal. What wasnt normal at any standard, was MJ...he was simply a freak of nature.

  • Sigma
    Sigma 5 miesięcy temu +1351

    “We have the answer, and it may not be what you expect.”
    Literally, exactly, what I expected.

    • dota leavers
      dota leavers Miesiąc temu +1

      @Mochie bellina MJ is known as the only Slam dunk Champion that dunks the ball without traveling, he always dribble the ball. Thats how good his fundamentals were... ballhog + win = solution (not problem)

    • FALCON
      FALCON Miesiąc temu +1

      @Mochie bellina the ballhog who averaged 11.2 assists in the 91 finals ok 😂

    • Grammys World
      Grammys World 3 miesięcy temu +1

      @Mochie bellina maybe you should watch his recent video on traveling.. Would make you look less like a fool

    • Brian Birnbaum
      Brian Birnbaum 3 miesięcy temu +1

      @Mochie bellina lebron is the opposite of a ball hog. But yeah he travels a lot.

    • Danielle Sunde
      Danielle Sunde 3 miesięcy temu +2

      @Mochie bellina Who? Because it’s not Mj, he didn’t travel a ton.

  • Eriifeoluwa Olurin
    Eriifeoluwa Olurin 5 miesięcy temu +672

    Just when you think Jimmy could not top it, he comes out and does exactly that. Fantastic Stuff Jimmy!

    • ScottieDPOY
      ScottieDPOY 4 miesięcy temu

      This conversation is so played out. Yes what a revelation

    • bruno Valiente
      bruno Valiente 5 miesięcy temu


  • Jamaal Gill
    Jamaal Gill 5 miesięcy temu +108

    Kobe’s respect and admiration has always been much higher from his contemporaries and other hoopers than from the fans and the sports media that choose the award winners. Contemporary Testimonials will always be above the opinions of fans and media pundits, most of whom never actually played the sport. Fear and intimidation dont show up in the stat sheet. Kobe was 2nd to only Mike in that department

    • Rob Pr
      Rob Pr 14 godzin temu

      You have to put it up against public perception. Kobe had a few scandals. LeBron has been mostly a model citizen. Most NBA players know the environment that other NBA players have to live in, with women constantly trying to throw themselves at them. So NBA players will be more forgiving. It's almost like how some leagues handle their HoF. Some players get in with shady "off-the-court/field" issues, and some are enshrined despite their checkered past. I'd put Kobe slightly ahead of LeBron for complete body of work even though some would say that Kobe had Shaq. LeBron teamed up with several high caliber players himself, so I can't buy that argument.

    • Sean Simms
      Sean Simms 3 dni temu

      @bLoWc16 true but Kobe to me is like Magic, as Great as Magic was he wasn't the Captain, even old Kareem gave us Celtics fans headaches, he was old and we all knew what was coming but really couldn't stop it, I felt if we could limit Magics scoring we'd win, that's how those Shaq Kobe teams were, you had to stop Kobe only because it was useless trying to stop Shaqm if they both got going teams typically lost, Kobe was good enough to thrive in that scenario, if anyone says he's top number one, I can't dispute it by his 5 chips.

    • bLoWc16
      bLoWc16 3 dni temu

      ​@Sean Simms yeah but in fairness the Cavs was really bad and so was the Bulls from day one.

    • bLoWc16
      bLoWc16 3 dni temu

      ​@dota leavers in consideration of beating that team since no one is putting that Celtics team ahead of playing against Curry Klay KD and Green. both teams has 4 HoF but the quality of Curry Klay KD and Green, are just better than Pierce Allen KG and Rondo.

    • bLoWc16
      bLoWc16 3 dni temu

      It's because the players cared more about Kobes hard work than his results. The NBA players who played against them considers only for the most part the argument of that player only. While as many fans and the media also look at he overall picture.
      Like they all know how great Kobe was an individual, and if they played one on one vs Kobe LeBron and MJ all of them will mostly argue, MJ Kobe and then LeBron from best to worst but their argument hardly has the perspective of the whole effect that player has on the team and the way they won.
      The included narrative of Kobe played Shaq is the main reason why people ranks Kobe a lot lower than MJ and Lebron and players like Magic, Bird and Kareem are ahead of Kobe because fans and the media watches the whole game. While players considers more of who would be a tougher guard and would give you problems on the court as they are more focused on the individual.

  • Khangal Bumtsend
    Khangal Bumtsend 5 miesięcy temu +4628

    Jimmy: "It might not be what you expected"
    It: *exactly what I expected*

    • T bone
      T bone 3 dni temu

      Too easy! 😄

    • Joseph Peeler
      Joseph Peeler 3 dni temu +1

      @EezoTheChezo LeBron isn't Number 2 "for sure." Kareem and Wilt were extremely dominant. Kareem won 6 MVP's and had 6 titles.

    • Iambriangregory
      Iambriangregory 3 dni temu

      @Gwen & JoJo Club Gamer it is

    • Desert Tropics
      Desert Tropics 4 dni temu

      I guess that disparity is what he was referring to with “not what you expect “.

    • FakeComedy and TheAbsurd
      FakeComedy and TheAbsurd 4 miesięcy temu

      Recency bias. In 50 years Lebron will be at best like Kareem, even though Kareem had a better career and more impact. Jordan will probably be there somewhere in the conversation and Wilt will also be there as half of the record book will still be under his name.
      Either way - 1. Wilt, 2. Jordan, 3. Kareem, 4. Russell, 5. James
      Not sure what can make James move to ~4 slot, but I can see Steph with few more championships move to ~5.

  • ghaile
    ghaile 2 miesięcy temu +4

    love this video, it's the real thing and it's undoubtedly the truth.

  • Ice Flow
    Ice Flow 4 miesięcy temu +32

    Perfect closer. This is what I've been saying all rhis time. Players simply FEARED MJ, and because of that, they respected and appreciate him more compared to other players. And people who actually watch NBA games throughout MJ's era can actually see the fear and respect the whole NBA has for MJ

    • Dodongs Turnz
      Dodongs Turnz 2 dni temu +1

      That's mentality of a winner! no one cant stop him.

    • Ice Flow
      Ice Flow 4 miesięcy temu +1

      Kevin Garnett rookie experience is one of the prime example how players simply don't want to mess with MJ, and that they choose NOT to say a word even tho they're winning. Cause they feared MJ would just get serious and destroy them. His iconic moments with Mutombo was also prove that he would absolutely take on any challenge and trash talks thrown at him and demolish it

  • The ALLinPodcast
    The ALLinPodcast 5 miesięcy temu +75

    Not only is the research incredible on these episodes, but your writing, delivery, editing style, and music selection are on point. You've really become a great cinematographer in addition to being a very cool basketball head. Keep up the great work Jimmy!

  • Gabriel Sadaraka
    Gabriel Sadaraka Miesiąc temu

    LeBron James is good around good players with him. Kobe was a one man

  • Megs T.
    Megs T. 5 miesięcy temu +1922

    That part where players talk about jordan as if hes a higher being is really consistent. Every single "jordan story" telling is delivered with a certain level of awe/mazement in their eyes

    • bLoWc16
      bLoWc16 Dzień temu

      @Your Name what? Nothing like that ever happened. He never criticized Scottie or Dennis when he did media. When asked about Scottie surgery MJ referred the media to ask Scottie not him, he wants to about the game which he played.
      You clearly just making things up.

    • Your Name
      Your Name Dzień temu

      @bLoWc16 never thrown anybody under the bus!? He criticized scottie for not getting off-season surgery but he “retired” to play baseball ! He criticized Rodman for partying but he lives at the casino and golf course are you kidding

    • Crader7
      Crader7 3 dni temu

      @bLoWc16 Lol you're defending a dude who's mad because he's not as famous as his teammate. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Jordan gave him 6 rings and a HOF career, he's ungrateful af

    • bLoWc16
      bLoWc16 3 dni temu

      @Crader7 doesn't matter Pippen is mad about it and sine it's Jordan's blessing why it was made, Pip is mad about it. That is why he wrote his book, don't you know this?! This is well documented.

    • Crader7
      Crader7 3 dni temu

      @bLoWc16 how is the Last Dance Jordan's fault lol he didnt write the script

  • Reinaldo Cordero
    Reinaldo Cordero 5 miesięcy temu +83

    Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy!!! As always… a master piece of analysis… I have been watching and playing basketball since I was a little boy and I born in the veryyyy early 70’s and I still watching the game…. But what I can say with a 100% sure, without desrespect the wonderful players of all different eras is that no body give me the emotion and excitement that MJ gave us every night…. The fear that he produced in his oponents it was notable… As his famous trainer said in the “Last Dance” documentary: “If you expend 2-3 hours site at your home to watch him play… He had a responsibility with his fans and people to do his best… to do his best ALL THE TIME” or a quote something similar to that… but you can see how emotional his trainer was when he was saying that…. Just think about it… Just saying…
    God Bless You Jimmy!!!

    • NO NO
      NO NO 3 miesięcy temu +2

      Yeah, I don't ever recall watching MJ play and wondering if he was really trying. I don't even bother watching most regular season games anymore because the players are phoning it in and that is if they even show up.

    • Tony Sanders
      Tony Sanders 5 miesięcy temu +2

      Yes 1000% All Facts Here

  • Fernando 7759
    Fernando 7759 4 miesięcy temu +15

    Excellent!! When he said "I don't think it's what you expect" I think he meant just how overwhelming MJ won over LBJ. Frankly, I'm not surprised. MJ is the G.O.A.T., and it's not even close. Kudos for a job well done.

    • ggh_1990
      ggh_1990 5 dni temu

      @Arshit Mangi you are casual. Lebron is much better player than kobe. Kobe is not even top 5 of all time while LBJ is 1b to MJ 1a.

    • Arshit Mangi
      Arshit Mangi 6 dni temu

      @ggh_1990 I myself will place Kobe over LeBron too . Lebron is too pretentious , unnecessarily showing too much aggression even while simple dunks, always seeking limelight and he is too arrogant to be a goat for me. Idc what stats he is having I will rather watch Kobe play whole life rather than LeBron. I always seek humbleness yet complete passion for the game which MJ , Kobe , Dr. J , WIlt have displayed so well.

    • ggh_1990
      ggh_1990 4 miesięcy temu +3

      I think most casuals would be surprised at how overhelming LBJ won against Kobe. If you judge players by Twitter and PLclip comments, you would think Lebron is not even top 5 of all time. Most casuals on twitter always said Kobe is better than Lebron lmao.

  • Arvid Assburg
    Arvid Assburg 5 miesięcy temu +25

    Michael Jordan is no doubt the undisputed GOAT. BUT...
    As Larry Bird once asked, "Who's getting second?"

    • zxcvb
      zxcvb 2 miesięcy temu

      I might have Bird as 2nd no cap. The only thing holding Bird back was.. his back. Prime for prime, peak for peak, he's as good as anybody's ever been if you do a deep dive into his career. Too bad he hurt his back early in his career and he sustained that injury throughout his entire prime career.

  • Doc Martin
    Doc Martin 5 miesięcy temu +15

    The effort, care and thoughtfulness you put into this video demonstrates your love for the art of the game of basketball and the respect for all of the players! I enjoyed it so very much. Congrats on this outstanding effort and video.

    • Swag king
      Swag king 3 miesięcy temu

      Thank you, I appreciate it

  • Poss McLeod
    Poss McLeod 2 miesięcy temu

    We need to start talking about GOATs and not the GOAT. GOATs = Greats of all Time! Just sayin ;)

  • Spirit of Worship
    Spirit of Worship 4 miesięcy temu +16

    Best basketball content creator on PLclip hands down. Another great entertaining, captivating, and informative video masterpiece. Thank you for your hard work and dedication Jimmy. Please keep it up. 🙏🙏🙏

  • Reji B
    Reji B Dzień temu +1

    MJ's impact to the game is unparalleled!
    Leadership, competitiveness, how he brought fear to opponents and teamates... That is why he is the GOAT!

  • sicmic
    sicmic 5 miesięcy temu +19

    Dude, you have by far the best basketball channel on PLclip. Thanks for all the hard work over the years making these videos for us to enjoy.

  • TiGER
    TiGER 5 miesięcy temu +1224

    You Sir have been on a crazy streak, don't remember seeing a bad or an okay average video from this channel, they're all just great and well constructed

    • Joseph99
      Joseph99 5 miesięcy temu

      Jxmy is the goat of NBA videos and doesn’t know it yet

    • Patrick Star
      Patrick Star 5 miesięcy temu

      The nba is scoring more and here's why was kinda cap but accept for that this channel just drops bangers

    • Adam-Clayton Powell VI
      Adam-Clayton Powell VI 5 miesięcy temu

      Dude been high since he have Steph top 10

    • trivago
      trivago 5 miesięcy temu

      @phamwoaw do you know what the song is at the end, near the last min?

    • Jackson H
      Jackson H 5 miesięcy temu

      @Gary The Snail ​ the links aren’t to those videos it’s to some bad music that makes me wish I was even listening to lil pump instead don’t worry the research is solid from Jimmy

  • Minic1ip 16
    Minic1ip 16 3 miesięcy temu +35

    I was too young to witness the greatness from Jordan, but the fact that his game changed the entire sport of basketball speaks volumes. Undeniably the GOAT 🐐

    • Dodongs Turnz
      Dodongs Turnz 2 dni temu

      no one compared to mj.

    • Zard King
      Zard King Miesiąc temu +1

      I was like 7 yrs old that time.

    • Zard King
      Zard King Miesiąc temu

      I remember my grand father was watching jordan vs utah. And i was keep on changing the channel to cartoons being the spoiled me. After that he died. And i so regret not watching the games with him. Jordan is the best ever. My grandfather may he rest in peace.

    • Cole J
      Cole J 2 miesięcy temu

      It’s full games on PLclip, you can watch if you want to tbh.

    • Tim L
      Tim L 2 miesięcy temu

      Watch some of MJ's most famous games, they still hold up!

  • Franco Unterberger
    Franco Unterberger 2 miesięcy temu +22

    I just disagree on one thing:
    Players feared Kobe too I saw dozen of interview to NBA and ex NBA players and they all say:” You admire LeBron but you fear Kobe, give me a choise, who u want to playa against at the finals?
    I’m taking LeBron, I don’t want Kobe out here in the finals even if he plays alone.”

    • Jukz' TV
      Jukz' TV 19 godzin temu

      @crhis porter what does LeBron have to do with it? If you wanna go by that logic, 4 finals MVPs > 2

    • crhis porter
      crhis porter 19 godzin temu

      @Jukz' TV 5-2 > 4-6

    • Jukz' TV
      Jukz' TV 19 godzin temu

      @crhis porter I pointed out his entire career, is his finger broken for 20 years?

    • crhis porter
      crhis porter 20 godzin temu

      @Jukz' TV you not gonna mention he played with a broken finger on his shooting hand? And the rebounds and assist to the artest 3.. 1. Jordan 2. Kobe 3. Lebron

    • Jukz' TV
      Jukz' TV 2 dni temu

      Yes, Kobe's 41% shooting in his entire Finals career is really scary. Especially his last Finals game against Boston where he shot 25% in the field including 0/6 3's with 2 assists on a Finals' game 7. It's definitely scary

  • ronaldo medina
    ronaldo medina 4 miesięcy temu +5

    Great video.
    Just a few survey questions about winning which they say is everything:
    1. Game is on the line, your team has possession in the last few seconds, who would you rather have the ball to secure the win? Lebron, Magic, Kareem, Kobe, Wilt or MJ?
    2. Who had the winning mentality from game 1 to his last?
    3. Who cared more about winning than anything else (stats, playing years, image, etc.)?

  • Faust
    Faust 4 miesięcy temu +15

    MJ's history of dominance in the game is still unmatched.

    • Jukz' TV
      Jukz' TV 2 dni temu

      @Jupiter Videos Russell averaged 15ppg for his entire career. Stop it lol

    • Sj Lucas
      Sj Lucas Miesiąc temu

      @Jupiter Videos more dominant🥴

    • Jupiter Videos
      Jupiter Videos Miesiąc temu +1

      @Sj Lucas ok Russell had 11

    • Sj Lucas
      Sj Lucas Miesiąc temu +1

      @Bones Jones only 1 ring mj had 6

    • Bones Jones
      Bones Jones 2 miesięcy temu

      Wilt Chamberlain??

  • knightdance
    knightdance 3 miesięcy temu +9

    Sam Jones (Bill Russell's teammate) on Jordan: "I don't know if he knows how good he is. He's tremendous. I've never seen anything like him. He's only 6-6. That's amazing. You seldom see a person that size do those things. He's so creative and to be able to take over a game at that size, it's amazing. Oscar and West were the best, but there's no other version of Jordan, the hang time, how high he jumps, how quick he moves. The guy amazes me. ... He's the best I've ever seen."

  • Bigt413
    Bigt413 4 miesięcy temu +3

    That ending was awesome. So glad I got to see Jordan play live.

  • SpideySense
    SpideySense 19 dni temu

    Thank you Jimmy, this video was a treat and put together well. I can tell you out a lot of research into it.
    If I may point something out. I think there's a chance there's a very high likelihood that personal bias effects these types of studies. And in particular I think people who play basketball are more likely to vote for players like Jordan and Kobe because their play styles are flashier. Not as many kids growing up want to BE Tim Duncan. But Tim Duncan arguably had the better career than Kobe. So of course NBA players are going to gravitate towards a player like Jordan, because when they're growing up they picture themselves taking that shot in the final seconds and being that clutch player. They idolize that over more selfless and quiet forms of greatness. If you read what Tom Duncan said about Michael Jordan he said he wasn't impressed by him and wasn't a fan. That's because people like Tim Duncan have a different style of greatness. Dwayne Wade said "MJ will always be my goat because I grew up watching him, to other kids of this generation it might be curry or LeBron" that's the Bias factor. Tons of little kids love Curry and will be copying his game. Years from now they'll be playing in the NBA and someone will ask them who the GOAT is and they will say "My GOAT is curry because that's who I grew up watching."

  • Chris
    Chris 3 miesięcy temu +3

    I'm 55 years old and have witnessed Jordan's rise through Basketball from the beginning of his career right through to the end and all the surrounding (pre-internet) media buzz and hype he created which was unprecedented and even in today's far advanced media age, still unmatched. This is without a doubt the best piece i've watched on the GOAT debate and thank you for summing it up like it obviously had to be. Perhaps Jordan should be considered the God of Basketball, and everyone else can then be measured against each other as mere mortals.

  • Feeesh
    Feeesh 5 miesięcy temu +778

    lets just appriciate how much time this man took to find and edit all of this stuff. Just to keep us entertained.

    • Jimmy Jams
      Jimmy Jams 5 miesięcy temu

      @Michael Chen You have a point. I just think it's unfair for people to say "he's doing it for the money" when he's already proven that he would do this even if he wasn't getting paid, since that's how he - and most (genuine) PLcliprs - started.

    • Michael Chen
      Michael Chen 5 miesięcy temu +1

      @Jimmy Jams Success will always have haters. Jealousy, envy, or just simple bitterness. "What he's doing is so easy" - Do you have 2 million followers on youtube? "He's just doing it for the money" - No shit, he's a PLclipr and an amazing one at that. Do you go to work for free? Just enjoy Jimmy's work man, let the haters hate.

    • Jimmy Jams
      Jimmy Jams 5 miesięcy temu

      @Trust The Process You're entitled to that opinion so I won't fight you, but just to be clear he wasn't always sponsored. He started this channel to tell the basketball stories he found interesting. His storytelling caught on and he started making money from it. It's fair to assume that this was/is his passion and that he would still be making these videos even if he wasn't getting millions of views for it since he was already doing that when he first started out.

    • Trust The Process
      Trust The Process 5 miesięcy temu

      @Jimmy Jams lmao stop it. if he wasn't making money he wouldn't make videos. he's the one responsible for "Gamescore". like wtf is that? if u look deep into it he's just a ✨GRAPHICS✨ merchant. go watch Basketball Examined. that's real analysis and facts. no bias. Just an educated NBA PLclipr who actually knows the game. This dude just goes on BBALL Reference and makes... wait for it... ✨GRAPHICS😩✨

    • Bandup Zay
      Bandup Zay 5 miesięcy temu

      Video of Kobe saying he is better than Jordan and Lebron🤦🏾‍♂️ real video plclip.com/video/IKsyB3szz7I/wideo.html

  • Lando Williams
    Lando Williams 4 miesięcy temu +10

    As long as basketball lives, there will never be another goat other than Michael Jordan.

  • Zach 2K
    Zach 2K 5 miesięcy temu

    great video man!

  • fxscher
    fxscher 5 miesięcy temu +98

    If we asked 100 NBA youtubers, Jimmy would definitely be the GOAT

    • ScottieDPOY
      ScottieDPOY 4 miesięcy temu

      ​@fxscher Tell us you want to date Jimmy, just say that

    • fxscher
      fxscher 4 miesięcy temu

      @Car Meets no JxmyHigroller

    • Car Meets
      Car Meets 4 miesięcy temu


    • Special Knees
      Special Knees 5 miesięcy temu +4

      Easily. Who else even comes close? At one point it might’ve been Mike Korzemba, but Jimmy’s quality is just absolutely unparalleled.

  • QGNT23
    QGNT23 4 miesięcy temu +5

    The entire video was great, but the conclussion was a master piece. Excellent job

  • Scott Winn
    Scott Winn 5 miesięcy temu +643

    Mike was truly unbelievable. Its so hard to fathom how somebody can be so amazing at the game and then have the perfect career on top of it. Pure excellence.

    • Truth is Harsh
      Truth is Harsh 24 dni temu

      Lebron "Queen" James will NEVER be the Goat and Why!
      1. Lebron and his 'BIG 3' of D. Wade and Bosh got totally Destroyed in the 2014 NBA Finals by the Spurs in 5 games. You can't be the GOAT and lose a Finals getting blown out by 15, 19, 21 and 17 pts in the losses especially when you had D. Wade, Chris Bosh and Ray Allen as teammates. Jordan's Bulls never lost more than one game in any of his 6 NBA Finals by a blowout and the worst they ever lost was by 11 pts.
      2. Lebron has never come close to a 3peat and if Ray Allen had not hit that miracle series saving 3 pointer against the Spurs in the 2013 Finals. Lebron and his 'Big 3' would have been a pathetic 1-3 in the Finals instead of 2-2.
      3. Lebron got totally shutdown and held to just 8 points in an NBA Finals game by the Dallas Mavericks. Jordan never scored less than 22 points in a Finals game. Side note - How about Lebron's pathetic over 4,655 turnovers to Jordans only 2,589.
      4. It has taken Lebron being in 10 NBA Finals just to get 4 rings. Jordan is a perfect 6-0 in NBA Finals and never was taken to a game 7. Lebron has lost 6 NBA Finals and his teams were swept 4-0 two times and he lost two other Finals series 4-1. Lebron was very close to being swept 4 times in NBA Finals. Lebron had 6 Finals losses before he could win a 4th title. STF UP with the injury excuses for two of his Finals series losses. Injuries are part of the game. There are many teams in NBA history who lost an NBA Finals with injured players. None of them cried about it and made excuses.
      5. Let's not forget that Jordan might have been 8-0 in the Finals had he not retired for about 2 years in between the two 3peats. The Bulls might have won 6 Finals in a row if Jordan had not taken 2 seasons off.
      6. Lebron has not even matched the greatness of Kobe Bryant's 5 rings in 7 Finals, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's 6 rings in 10 Finals, Tim Duncan's 5 rings in 6 Finals or Magic's 5 rings in 9 Finals. So GTF out of here even comparing him to Jordan's dominance.
      7. Jordan led the NBA in scoring 10 times to Lebron's 1 time. He has 6 league MVPs to Lebron's 4 MVPs. Jordan was also the best defender in the NBA for a good 7 years and Lebron has never been close to being the top defensive player. Jordan was a straight up assassin/killer every game while Lebron has routinely taken games off and been a crybaby during his career. Jordan played all 82 games at age 40 in his final NBA season on the Wizards averaging 20 pts, 6 rebounds, 4 assists and 1.5 steals per game.
      The stone cold truth is.....
      Lebron James will NEVER be the Goat and nothing he does in the remaining games of his career will ever change that fact!
      #23 Michael Jordan will always be the NBA Goat!

    • Concoction
      Concoction 5 miesięcy temu +1

      @Scott Winn Nah. They’ll argue with you and think they’re right. Don’t make them worse. Don’t make MJ look better than he is. He needs no help. Let his flaws show. Still no one better.

    • Scott Winn
      Scott Winn 5 miesięcy temu

      @Concoction I'm not too worried about them, they'll have fun arguing amongst themselves lol

    • Trippinator Machine
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      @ChoZen lol yes you are absolutely correct, how silly of me

    • ChoZen
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      @Trippinator Machine it's okay, I know your miniscule brain can't comprehend such a simple comment

  • Rich Life
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    Lebron just has never passed the eye test for me. I watched Jordan live many times. He would completely take over a game, and he would do it in such dominant and artful fashion. Lebron is much bigger and stronger and I’ve always felt that much of his dominance was his raw power and size, not his finesse. I just enjoy watching Jordan more.

    • Juwan Taylor
      Juwan Taylor 4 miesięcy temu

      @ggh_1990 lebron not top ten all time

    • ggh_1990
      ggh_1990 4 miesięcy temu +2

      You should watch lebronto game in 2018 when he did tons of fadeaways in one quarter and completely demoralised the whole stadium. Lebron has far more finese that what people usually judge him as just athletic freak. People like Giannis and Russ are athletic freak, while Lebron is more of a jack of all trades master of none type of player, similar to Magic Johnson but better at shooting and slashing. His BBIQ and longevity are the main key attributes of Lebron not his athleticism in my opinion.

    • Henri.R94
      Henri.R94 5 miesięcy temu +2

      wait for a few years till he retired and come back and judge him. I used to think the same like you and dismiss James in early 2010s. But later on you get to appreciate how great he is. Didn't you notice out of all those players who are being voted as goat, ONLY Lebron James is currently playing. People tend to be more generous and like to immortalize a player once he retires.

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    Says exactly what everyone was expecting

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      Video of Kobe saying he is better than Jordan and Lebron🤦🏾‍♂️ real video plclip.com/video/IKsyB3szz7I/wideo.html

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      Tbh i love jxmys work but in this case i have some argues. Most important, 112 players is not concider a capable sample when we refer to tens of thaousands of players throughout the nba history. Second, sample should be taken equally from players of all decades wich is imposible to do now since players who played in the first decades are no longer alive or to old to even bother to concider participating in this serioucly. Third, an average player's opinion is not having the same importance as the one of a hof. HOF players usually play the game longer. In order to do that they must win more wich means they must be better of others. Being that allou them to understand and critisize others. Also this whould only means something if we somehow have a way to be sure that opinions are authentic and players not gonna change their mind ever, wich as you see from some players is way far from the trouth. So even if i find this channel the best in yt i have doubts about this one.

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    I don’t remember where this was from specifically but it was during Kd’s run with GSW. They mentioned how the same feel that the Warriors have of being the beast to conquer.
    That’s what Jordan was supposedly like and what’s hard to imagine almost.
    It’s great to see Kobe get his due.

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    Ever since MJ retired, there were always hype about an exciting player being "The Next Jordan!" Shoot, even there is a Maple Jordan (Andrew Wiggins)! As a basketball fan for over 30 years, there is no contest!! MJ is the GOAT!!!!

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      "B-B Bu B-But players say kobe is better than Bron 🤥🤥🤥" argument.
      This is truly a nightmare video for Lobestans

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      Video of Kobe saying he is better than Jordan and Lebron🤦🏾‍♂️ real video plclip.com/video/IKsyB3szz7I/wideo.html

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      Bandup Zay 5 miesięcy temu

      Video of Kobe saying he is better than Jordan and Lebron🤦🏾‍♂️ real video plclip.com/video/IKsyB3szz7I/wideo.html

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      @Rico Soprano I copy that, but I wouldn't rate Mike down.
      To be honest, Jimmy's videos are simply very very good and there is reason why people are calling him the g.o.a.t. of NBA videos on youtube. So being worse than the goat is not something anybody should be criticized for.

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    • EddyTime
      EddyTime 2 miesięcy temu

      are you old enough to live Wilt area?

    • Daniel Joseph
      Daniel Joseph 4 miesięcy temu

      @ScottieDPOY Ight I don’t remember what this was about but I checked my comment and I was just defending mj because he got criticized for his team going to the second round without him even though the same thing happened to Lebron. Also Lebron is clutch but to say he’s more clutch than mj with the stats is crazy. I personally don’t hate Lebron, I just like to debate these topics so I don’t get why you mad at me for investing sometime in debating something about Lebron when you are doind the same thing

    • Salvador Mendoza
      Salvador Mendoza 4 miesięcy temu

      @ScottieDPOY I can agree he does turn grown men into children on the court, ever since he was a child himself, man’s is just a freak of nature all around and I’m glad to have witnessed his career. And I’ve never watched Jordan play myself but just listening to how ppl describe him and watching the playback footage myself, it’s kinda obvious who’s the goat on the court. MJ was called black Jesus, mf was comparing him to Jesus he was so good. And was a rockstar across the world. I don’t think Lebron even reached the type of fame Jordan has, to this day.

    • Salvador Mendoza
      Salvador Mendoza 4 miesięcy temu

      @ScottieDPOY have you? Tell me who’s going to give you buckets regardless of who he’s playing and who he’s with. Tell me who’s going to drop 40 whenever he wants. Tell me who’s got the better footwork, body control in the air. List goes on. Sure Lebron stats look nice. But Jordan played way nice and far better than Bron. If u seriously think Jordan isn’t a better PLAYER, then you are trippin. All Lebron does better than Jordan is coach and pass. Literally every player who’s played both said Jordan is better. Don’t take my word for it, listen to the actual basketball players. Did u even watch the video?

    • ScottieDPOY
      ScottieDPOY 4 miesięcy temu

      @Daniel Joseph You saying that shouldn't of happened? They still had a decent team, where they added people like Luol Deng, Joe Johnson, Prime Goran Dragic, Hassan Whitesides breakout years, Gerald Green in his prime (not saying he some GREAT player, was always ok role player though) couple young guys like Justice Winslow and Josh Richardson, Still had Wade and Bosh. That's your burn? They barely beat a Kemba walker Frank Kaminsky hornets TEAM hahaha. Yes, what accolades. A far superior team went to game 7 vs a far inferior team. What are you trying to say here. What's the criticism? Maybe that he should of won beat the spurs year before? One of the best team I ever watched play basketball and were the favorites to win it all 2 years in a row? Yall hear yourself?
      Also, You don't know Lebron's clutch stats at all. The dudes one of most clutch players in history and you call him a bum basically. Its so embarassing how invested you are in another man. He has wife and kids by the way.
      Jordan is the GOAT 100%, but LLBJ the GOAT of turning grown men into children 🤣

  • knightdance
    knightdance 3 miesięcy temu +2

    Billy Cunningham on Jordan:
    "I think he was the best ever. The whole package. He's scary sometimes with his defense. The passion he had amazes me. At a certain age, it's more difficult to get up for a game. A big game, sure, it's easy. But he did it for every game. How did he do it? To motivate himself at a level to perform. There's no burnout there. It's something within himself. If I had to play him, I'd pray a lot."

  • Zemichael
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    This guy knows how to reinvent the wheel. He knows how to make an age old Coversation brand new. Awesome stuff

  • Rob Pr
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    I was expecting a fluff piece, but it was well made. One thing that Jordan had, and to a lesser extent Kobe is that killer instinct. Jordan's killer instinct was sharpened by Bird and Magic, who are on a lot of peoples' lists (and for that reason I believe that Jordan was a once in a lifetime generational phenomena). LeBron is a great scorer, but he doesn't have the fire that Jordan or Kobe had. I'll quote from Hulk, "Jordan/Kobe like raging fire, LeBron like smoldering fire". No knock on LeBron, he's a phenomenal player, but he just doesn't have that killer locked-in instinct, which is why his team is currently 22nd in the league, and why LeBron is quoting Taylor Swift, "Maybe it's me".

  • Falcon Foot
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    The best GOAT video to date! It proves Michael Jordan without a doubt is the Greatest Of All Time!

  • Stefan Marshall
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    You hit the nail on the head in the last two minutes of the video. Every interview I’ve seen about MJ you can see the emotion in the players faces when talking about him that you don’t see when talking about anyone else. Michael Jordan put the fear of god into his opponents.

    • Vlad Olenin
      Vlad Olenin 5 miesięcy temu

      Michael Jordan's name and last name are both Hebrew, and they mean;
      Micha-El = "Who is like God"
      Jordan (Yarden) = "One that comes down in Judgement"
      Man was created in the image of God. That image is reflected in some way in each person, male and female.
      And He sent His only Begotten Son Jesus to die on the cross for the forgiveness of the sins that defiled that image so that we can be restored back to His image and likeness.
      That is the love of God 🙌🔥

    • Seann Webb
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    • Anthony Pierre
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      Also everyone that saw MJ play feels like those players do discuss him. Even if it was watching him constantly elude my Knicks 😔 somehow every time.

    • Crader7
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      @The Talented Mister Heat Jordan also has the numbers and accolades to back up the narrative tho.
      The point of basketball is to lead your team to a championship, yes? Whether you lose in 7 games in the Finals or get swept in the first round, not winning it all should be considered a bad year if you want to be the GOAT. Out of 15 NBA seasons, Jordan was successful 6 times (40%). Out of 19 seasons, LeBron has been successful 4 times (21%). Doesn't matter if LeBron is putting up good stats if he isn't leading his team to a championship. Heck, they missed the PLAY-IN entirely.

    • yung mayo
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      2017 Warriors would put the fear of “GOD” in MJ

  • TheCriminalViolin
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    This conveyed EXACTLY what I knew it would convey. Not one of the results remotely surprise me, in fact, it is genuinely wild to me if anyone expected anything different to be completely honest with you. That said, I don't gauge my favorite or GOAT players remotely the same as anybody else, and I know to most my criteria and the hierarchy of most impactful to least impactful would be considered to be complete lunacy, yet, for me, it could not make more logical sense lol.
    Personality & overall level of Arrogance is arguably the most impactful factor of all in my criteria in example. The more arrogant a play is or was, the more I derank them. So that means MJ is WAY down my list for example. Kobe would be above him, though he absolutely gets a pretty decent size de-ranking for it too. LBJ is right there in-between them for his ego. And in case anyone is speculating, it does not mean if a player is extremely confident and values themselves very highly that they are considered arrogant. Confidence and speaking that confidence in yourself and your game as one of the best of all time is not ego. So it is not arrogance in my book.
    But, you see what I mean already with that example I am sure.
    Oh and it should go without saying, but Russ is WWWAAAAAYYYYY down on my GOAT list. His ego is so fucking inflated he may just be rock bottom to me even pitted against role players who never averaged more than 20mpg in their careers lol

  • knightdance
    knightdance 3 miesięcy temu +1

    Bob Cousy on Jordan : "He's by far the best since Naismith hung up the basket. He touches every base. He could play three, maybe four positions and maybe even center, too. He has no discernible weakness. He's the best, without question."

    EPIK THE DAWN 4 miesięcy temu

    So blessed to watch him in the peak of his era. CRAZY.

  • Will
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    🤯 JxmyHighroller takes it next level! He's going for GOAT! 😂

  • Nothsa Chess Academy
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    My objective as a basketball player is to become as great as I can be. Not to try to become the GOAT.

    • Gigachad
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    • Matthew W
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      @Facts Frenzy it's real?

    • Facts Frenzy
      Facts Frenzy 5 miesięcy temu +11

      To anyone wondering, this is the real Victor account confirmed by his verified IG. Although it may be his channel manager (on his about page) making this comment. I'm saying this because many people are questioning the channel, although I have done my research

    IMPALA_KNIGHT 3 miesięcy temu +1

    This video is great, contrary to most regular people and media who make it seems close debate between MJ and LeBron, people who played and understand the game at MJ and LeBron level, guard them, share the locker room, is overwhelmingly Michael Jordan. It's not about the whole career, it's about Ability and respect they gained.

  • Ro3gues
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    Football is to big and needs 2 goats

  • gyomei
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    expectation: Michael Jordan
    reality: Michael Jordan

  • Dr Hooligan
    Dr Hooligan 4 miesięcy temu +1

    I always see it was MJ had the best career (he made 6 finals in basically 12 seasons, excluding the wizards and the season he was hurt), while Lebron has the better overall accomplishments (10 finals in 19/20 seasons, and will be the all time leading scorer, top 10 in rebounds/assists)

    • josef rootgum
      josef rootgum 4 miesięcy temu

      Jordan had 10 scoring titles. How many does lebron have?
      Jordan had 100% winning percentage in the finals. What is lebron's?
      Jordan only had 1 defensive player of the year award. How many does lebron have?

  • Allen Ignatius
    Allen Ignatius Miesiąc temu +7

    Kendrick Perkins' vote is automatically counted as a nuisance vote 😂

    • dota leavers
      dota leavers Miesiąc temu

      Jason Williams and Ryan Hollins too, Lower IQ NBA players...

  • Tuni
    Tuni 4 miesięcy temu

    Everybody got his own role Model in basketball. That's the thing it's awesome that every Player can make an impact on the youth not only the types of mj, lbj or curry.
    For me back when I was playing for me Stockton was the Player I looked up to cause I loved to assist my teammates. That's why I love players like cp3, nash, white chooclate, Jackson, kidd and yeah Westbrook and robertson.
    Ofc Jason Williams Doesnt made many assists Overall in his career (86th place) but I loved his playstyle and how flashy his assists were.
    Not saying that Stockton is the goat but for me he was a Player I wanted to be.
    For 50 years old is the goat mostly MJ maybe for the Kids out there it is mostly curry I think you can see that how everybody wants to be like him and how he changed the game.
    For people who were born in the early 90s I think they mostly would say it's lbj. When you say it's all about rings then ofc it's Bill russell cause the debate between mj and lbj always has the case : RINGS.
    So when you got after this fact is has to be Bill russell right?
    Dont flame each other about the goat debate. It's nice that everybody has his favourite and nobody of these Players ever said that they are the goat.
    Rest in peace Bill Russell

  • Arena
    Arena 5 miesięcy temu

    bro nobody is going out of there way to gather all this info and make all these charts. big respect

  • knightdance
    knightdance 3 miesięcy temu +1

    Dave Bing
    "Michael is the most talented player I've ever seen. Wilt was the most dominating, but Michael has the most talent in every aspect of the game, even defense.
    "He's the best ever because of his combination of skills, his competitiveness. Russell, Wilt, Kareem dominated because of their size, but they didn't have Michael's skills."

    • dota leavers
      dota leavers Miesiąc temu

      talent wise, wilt is a perfect athlete. MJ is a basketball talent comparable to wilt. If there were records that needed to be broken on wilts time, it would have been the total points. Wilts defense cannot be under estimated, he took 51 rebountds against russell, and a double digit blocks majority of his game... there is a chance he is the only quintuple double multiple times. Dont ever say wilt has less talent, because he is by far the perfect specimen. Overall his will is not so strong because he is scared to be disliked, and it showed how he controlled his emotion without being ejected in the game. Blacks were discriminated and he tried to keep it open for his career. Given today's conditioning and nutrition, he could have had done more or on par with MJ, but what is written in stone will never be broken anytime soon.

  • Orig Entertainment
    Orig Entertainment 5 miesięcy temu +249

    Hey Jimmy, is there a way for you to calculate how INFLUENTIAL a player was? Meaning, how was the game changed after that player arrived? To me it is obvious how much the game and players have changed via Jordan and now Curry. But I would be curious to see how Dr. J and Kareem affected play after their tenure. And/or if there are other very influential players.

    • Kraize
      Kraize 5 miesięcy temu +1

      @Bandup Zay Are you saying that 1 count can make a difference?

    • Bandup Zay
      Bandup Zay 5 miesięcy temu

      Video of Allen iverson saying Lebron is better than Jordan🤦🏾‍♂️ plclip.com/video/IKsyB3szz7I/wideo.html

    • Kraize
      Kraize 5 miesięcy temu +1

      @C41Ł All I can see is he started making a coward looked acceptable. Lebron did not make a team better, he looked for an already established teamates that could win him a championship, this is the REASON why most FANS don't accept him as a GOAT. Again, my question is what did he change in the sport of basket ball? None, why? He is not the first who switch teams, Scottie Pippen did it earlier than Lebron.

    • C41Ł
      C41Ł 5 miesięcy temu

      @Kraize he changed the way players move, not saying they couldn’t move teams if they wanted but he made it more acceptable to move to a team with a lot of talent and make a winning team. in the 00s most players were focused on individual success then in the 10 it changed to where players can not feel less about moving or have that weird i don’t need help feeling

    • Al the Punisher
      Al the Punisher 5 miesięcy temu

      The most influential man to the sport of basketball is Allen Iverson! Before AI, the players had to arrive to games in suits. He came with the big jeans, the 4xL tee and the gold chains. Lol Allen Iverson is the reason all these players wear headbands arm sleeves and have tattoos he started it. Allen Iverson is the hooper that fused hip hop and basketball culture. They go hand and hand but before AI, they were separated. Allen Iverson was the GOLD standard with the rock in his hands and now half the Point guards in the league can dribble how he could. Personally I don’t think there’s much to discuss when most influential.

  • Sanchit Verma
    Sanchit Verma 4 miesięcy temu

    Considering the attributes they were gifted with, Kobe had to put in more effort to close the gap. And just for that exact reason, he’s one of the GOATs. MJ instilled fear, Kobe inspired, Lebron left them in awe.

  • aola wili
    aola wili 5 miesięcy temu +1

    Don't forget Jordan did everything he did in 14 seasons, missing one with a broken foot. It's taken LeBron 19 to do what he's done.

  • bhuwan chandra
    bhuwan chandra 5 miesięcy temu +1

    This piece must have taken a lot of time to prepare. Nice work

  • Lord Grim
    Lord Grim 5 miesięcy temu +1

    You know he's the real *goat* when you know who it's gonna be even before you watch the video

    SPLIFFSMEDIA 4 miesięcy temu

    Hilarious 😂. It's funny all I kept wondering while watching is how would shannon..nick....and colin ...react. it's a reason why the vote is so lopsided. Interesting tho..mostly players who weren't alive to see MJ in real time pick bron as goat. I can't blame them tho. Hard to choose something you didn't witness in real time. They don't know better....hard to believe a player from 1984 is still running laps around them...and it's not even close.

  • Dozha Deville
    Dozha Deville 5 miesięcy temu +1

    Think about this, this whole MJ GOAT debate started back when Mike was about 55 years old. They all feared him.

  • Mambo B
    Mambo B 5 miesięcy temu

    I grew up in the 90s watching him play so if course for me Jordan is gonna be the G.O.A.T it just depends on which era you from I guess 🏀🏀🏀

  • Duane Doldrum
    Duane Doldrum 4 miesięcy temu +1

    LeBron is great, but MJ is undoubtedly the GOAT. It’s just not about the stats or longevity, but also more so about the narrative, the story, and the legacy you make. This is why most NBA players past or present say MJ is the GOAT, because he was just that undeniable. Thinking about stats and anything else is nothing.

  • Ryan S
    Ryan S 5 miesięcy temu +130

    jxmy, whenever i finish watching any of your videos, i am in amazement. you bring so much more information to me which i had never known and you always do extensive research which makes your videos even greater. i am in awe about how you deliver these videos so well, and as a casual nba fan, i wasnt sure there was many new things to be discovered. although you just make me learn something new every time. thank you

    • Bandup Zay
      Bandup Zay 5 miesięcy temu

      Video of Kobe saying he is better than Jordan and Lebron🤦🏾‍♂️ real video plclip.com/video/IKsyB3szz7I/wideo.html

    • han cholo
      han cholo 5 miesięcy temu

      Jxmy is the NBA vids goat. You can quote me on that 🐐

  • A96 Productions
    A96 Productions 5 miesięcy temu

    Holy Editing JxB … mad props. This must have taken hours.

  • Eric Peterson
    Eric Peterson 4 miesięcy temu +1

    This was an amazing video. All I gotta say is Kendrick Perkins literally prayed that Lebron got injured when he had to play him 😂 people for sure fear Lebron. I’m excited for brons documentary

  • Carlos47
    Carlos47 3 miesięcy temu

    Kobe actually did out right say that he's the Goat! He said it playing a game with James Corden and he had to rank himself, Jordan and LeBron in order from best to worst and he ranked himself #1 Jordan #2 and LeBron #3

  • hkmrsrg
    hkmrsrg 4 miesięcy temu

    I'm surprised at the result of "who you'd rather have a drink with." I love Michael Jordan, grew up watching him and he's amazing even if I only saw him from the tv set at home (I'm from Southeast Asia), but I'll never drink with him if given the chance. What if he take things personally and take offense at something I do or don't do?
    I watched The Last Dance.